Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blogger App?!

I got the Blogger App!!! It hasn't been updated yet (why is Google so slow?!), but I guess I shouldn't be the one to talk.

I keep promising to post pictures of this or that, and after all, that's what makes posts fun to read!

Anyway, happy December! I am a year older and many years wiser. Oh my lord this app is so poorly made. The text box is awful! It doesn't scroll?!? Okay there we go. But the stupid keyboard icon is in the way. Sigh, Google, what are you doing?

So I've been studying for the MCAT. Yes, again. I do believe I'll do better this time around, provided I have ample time to prepare for it. I hope there are more testing times in Japan than just January 2013.

Speaking of Japan, I have been asked to again renew my contract! There are pros and cons to this. I think the pros outweigh the cons. Probably. I say this because I have med school in the future at a specific date and it coincides well with finishing my 4th year here.

Also, should I start a vlog in lieu of this blog? Or perhaps in addition to?

I hear that it's nigh impossible to find a job in the States, so financially I am probably better off keeping my job here in Japan for one last hurrah before going to med school. If I can't get into med school then I'll look into creating the "next big thing." Hah!

Lastly, I have been looking to get new winter tires. Unfortunately they only last so many years (3?) and mine are 6 years old! Plus, I'm back to using kerosene heaters and the sun sets really early. Stupid winter. I used to love you.

Word of the day: 冬 「ふゆ」 "fuyu", or "winter."

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