Sunday, March 24, 2013

February Post

We had the annual JET "Skills Development Conference," formerly known as the "Mid-Year Conference." This is the only time in the year where Miyagi JETs are able to officially cavort with Sendai JETs, as we usually have separate group meetings and orientations. This year I showed off a new way to tie a necktie, the Eldredge Knot:

Pretty snazzy, eh?

A couple weeks later, a stray dog followed me to work. It didn't look like a "real" stray dog, just one that seems to have escaped from her owner's home. She's quite a beautiful dog; I'd like to have a Shiba at some point. Maybe when I have kids.

Cute Shiba-ken!

The big event in February was the annual Sapporo Snow Festival! Every year, MAJET goes to Sapporo, Hokkaido to celebrate, and we have a grand fest at the Sapporo Beer Garden where we stuff ourselves full of lamb and Sapporo Beer. Just look at my bib!

The Snow Festival was like usual, filled with cold temperature, snow sculptures, ice sculptures, snow slides, snow mobile-pulled rafting, crabs, soup curry, Sapporo ramen, and blizzards.

Blue Dragon

Sapporo Ramen!

Lucky Cat


View from the Top

Ice Castle!

Hotel-like Room on the Return Ferry
 Word of the Day: 結び目 「むすびめ」 "musubime," or "knot."

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