Sunday, March 31, 2013

Old Jersey

Sometimes I forget (or am not informed) when I need a suit at work, so I show up underdressed. But then on days like last Thursday, when I do remember to wear a suit to work, there is some activity in the afternoon like cleaning (or in Thursday's case, changing desks) that calls for the athletic wear (jogging pants/jacket, or "jersey" as they are called in Japan). So, I was the guy at work wearing a white shirt and nice red tie, moving desks, sweeping floors, cleaning up cords, and vacuuming, while everyone else was dressed in more appropriate wear for that activity.

The underdresseding thing happened to me just a couple weeks ago for the closing ceremony, actually. I wore a tie, but instead of my suit jacket, I had an athletic jacket ("jersey") which teachers usually wear everyday (just not at ceremonies, usually). But I did notice that one teacher had the full athletic suit, pants, jacket, and all, during last week's ceremony, commemorating the teachers who left the school.

Today is April 1st, April Fool's Day. And lo and behold, the English teacher that I hugged "goodbye" last month is back! It was pretty funny; during the introductions, all of the new teachers are introduced to the current teachers, with "which school they are coming from," and that English teacher was introduced as having "come from this school." Heh. Anyway, glad to see her back.

Yesterday it snowed. While in other parts of Japan, cherry blossoms are blooming beautifully. I wish the nice weather would just come back already!

Word of the Day: ジャージー "jaajii," or "jersey."

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