Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I've noticed that my posts have been growing exponentially. Well here is a post to disrupt that trend. :-)

Also, E3 has arrived! It started today (well, technically yesterday, but I'm writing as if it were still Tuesday). I didn't get to watch it because I was traveling back to Pittsburgh. And there is way too much awesome news, so I recommend you check out the official E3 website for more info.

Or check this out, which is perhaps the most exciting news/trailer for me. :-D

[Update 6/16/2010]: These MVC3 videos are also amazing:

Word of the day: 雷電 「らいでん」 "raiden". That's pronounced "rye-den" for you English speakers, not "ray-din". Well, technically, it's "rah-ee-deh-n," if you were enunciating each mora, but that's not how you pronounce Japanese words in real-time conversational speed. Anyway, it means "thunder and lightning." Literally. That 電 「でん」 "den" is the same den found in words like "electronics," "electric train," and "electricity."

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