Monday, June 7, 2010

Japan Preparations

So it's Monday. About a week after I started this "blogging" business. Well, I guess technically, it's been 7 years or so. But anyway.

I have taken care of quite a few things for my preparations in Japan. Just three things left, really: 1) Get an International Driver's Permit, 2) Take care of visa stuff, and 3) Take care of prescription medication stuff, like contact lenses.

For #1, it's not a big deal; I just have to go to the local AAA and fill out a form. And yes, that means I get to drive in Japan legally! Woot! #2, I have to mail a form. #3 is the slightly annoying stuff, as it requires an updated prescription, which requires a visit to the doctor, along with a few forms to fill out (detailed description of meds), and more mailing stuff. Oh, and you have to get it all approved, so there is that slight chance of spending hundreds of dollars on medicine and then having it rejected. If that happens, the medicine must be mailed to Japan on a monthly basis, as no more than a month's supply of medicine can be imported without the approval form (known as a Yakkan Shomei).

Lastly, I am in somewhat of a dilemma. Well not really; it's just a matter of making a decision with regard to the purchase of my predecessor's things. Apparently, it seems customary to do so. The only thing is that I hate to jump into a purchase without really knowing what I'm buying. I've requested a list of the things (and hopefully a description of the status or age of the items). One of the things is a car. Hmm. Since I plan on being in Japan for an extended time (read: longer than a summer vacation), I intend on buying my "Cheap Dream Car."

You know, the car that is within a reasonable price range, and you know you want to get it, but you just don't have it yet. So it's still a "dream" car, as opposed to something in your driveway already. That car is a Toyota Celica GT-Four, from the '94-'98 models. Thing is a beauty. It's like Toyota's version of a Subaru Impreza WRX STi [car buffs should note that I intentionally referred to the car's old-school logo, as I don't really like the new models] or Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. In fact, the GT-Four has gone head-to-head against those two in rally races. Nice. Want.

I think I'll start ending my posts with a random Japanese word/definition.

Word of the day: 零 「れい」 "rei." It means "zero," though in Japan, usually they just say 「ゼロ」 "zero." Another way to refer to a "zero" character is 〇 「まる」 "maru," as you might have seen with how years are printed in the newspaper: 2〇1〇; also pronounced 「ゼロ」 "zero" when in this format.

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  1. If you are living the dream, why not have the dream car?
    Just do it, lol
    Love, Liv