Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I've created a Flickr account! And it was really annoying trying to figure out how to actually SHARE the photos I took.

Anyway, I created a Flickr Group, with its own web address for all of you to look at the fun pictures I uploaded! The URL is

This is a PRIVATE GROUP. This means you'll have to request permission to access it. I'm not entirely sure what it entails, but I assume you have to create an account. This is to maintain privacy of my photos of course. Personally, I think it was a lot easier to do this on photobucket. So if it becomes too annoying for people, then I'll switch over there.

But yeah, if you want permission, please send me an e-mail or message at any of the addresses/social sites that you may have, or send it to this generic one I made when I was thirteen and don't really use it for anything: In your e-mail/message, please include the e-mail address to which you would like the invitation to be sent. Or if you already have a Flickr, please give me the e-mail address of your Flickr account (not just the user name, 'cause I had problems with it all day).

Word of the day: 写真 「しゃしん」 "shashin," or "photograph."

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