Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Second day of orientation

Well, more seminars today. A lot of things were just repetitions from things earlier in the day or from yesterday. Which is actually good, because those are important things. Some of the topics we covered today included driving, lesson planning, communicating with our co-workers and community, our activities in Japan, safety, food, drug laws, learning Japanese...lots of topics.

not my pictureAlso, I don't recall if I had mentioned it last night, but on my way back to the hotel from the Shinjuku arcades, I finally used a vending machine and bought some Kirin Milk Tea. Delicious. [Note: This is not my own picture.]

Tonight, we had to ship any last bit of luggage to our designated prefectures to reduce the amount of luggage we actually have to carry with us. I've managed to take it down to just two messenger bags; let's just hope I didn't ship anything that I will need with me immediately on my person!

So yeah, clearly not too much happened today. The most exciting thing is perhaps going back out to Shinjuku with fellow JET ALTs who departed from Washington, D.C. with me. I had beef udon. And maaaaaaaaaaan was it good! The noodles were seemingly hand-made, as they were imperfectly rolled. And it made it oh so good.

Alright, I gotta pack up my last bit of stuff and get to bed. Good night, Japan! Good morning, USA!

Word of the day: 自動販売機 「じどうはんばいき」 "jidouhanbaiki," or vending machine. Literally, it means "automatic selling machine."

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  1. Ah that was it!!

    I hope you enjoy your new home! I can't wait to see it!! :D